Now that the government has officially shut down Craigslist’s Fresno Casual Encounter section, we’re all looking for a new place to find other like-minded singles eager to hook-up with no strings attached in Fresno. Luckily for you, we’ve tried and tested over 50 sites that are geared towards finding encounters. The following three sites are by far the most used and the easiest sites to find genuine casual encounters in Fresno, California.

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Fresno, the capital of the Central Valley in California — for some people, it may seem like a little city landlocked in the middle of the California desert. For those of us who live there, however, we know that it is much more. Fresno is not just a small city trying to find its place within a larger and internationally known state. Fresno has a character of its own. It can truthfully be said that Fresno defines the San Joaquin Valley — and by extension the whole of Central California.

This is why it should not be a surprise that Fresno and its surrounding areas have a healthy casual encounter lifestyle for those who seek it. While it may not approach the casual encounter vibe that people will find in San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego, Fresno holds its own.

—Landlocked but Free-Spirited —

With just over half a million in population, you’d think that opportunities would be slim to find casual encounters in Fresno. That, however, is not the case. You see, in Fresno, even though we are a small city, we are a regional capital. That means that we get a larger share of visitor traffic and a more eclectic mix of people residing in our city compared to other sub-million population centers.

You can think of Fresno as a Los Angles or San Francisco on a miniature scale. We have the same level of open-mindedness, thirst for nightlife, urge for fun, and desire to meet people for casual encounters as our larger sister cities do.

— The Fresno Methodology for Casual Encounters —

In Fresno, much as most cities nowadays, the traditional method of meeting people has undergone a revolutionary level of change. In Fresno, in spite of having top-level nightspots, dining facilities, and other places of leisure — when it comes to meeting like-minded adults for casual encounters, it involves the use of the internet.

With close to half the population under the age of 44, the percentage of singles, divorced individuals seeking adult fun, and those who enjoy multiple relationships is quite high. There are also vibrant alternative lifestyle scenes in Fresno with large populations. This means that regardless of your age range, lifestyle, or economic status — Fresno is very friendly to casual encounters.

This is why online hookup platforms have become the key tool to finding casual encounters here. They perform several key functions.

1. They allow upwards of 250,000 adults to be able to seek each other out from the privacy of their own home and in the moment of their choosing. Even if that is 4AM on a Sunday.

2. They allow for the diverse population of Fresno to have a unique and personalized experience when searching for casual encounters.

3. They make it easier for long-time residents and those newer in town to meet.

4. It makes finding your ideal match faster and safer. You can avoid the meandering list of failed meetups that often plague seeking a casual encounter the “old school” way. As with traditional online dating, by meeting potential partners online for casual encounters, you have the ability to vet your potential matches. You control when to get to the stage of meeting in person — preferably when you feel the odds of having sexual chemistry are at their best.

5. Long-term, it is much more cost-effective. By meeting online you only have to spend money when you know that meeting in person is going to be for the “real thing.”

— The Casual Sex Sites to Use in Fresno for Casual Encounters —

Properly appreciating the benefits of hookup sites is the first step. Next, you must know which sites to use in Fresno for maximum results. There are certain sites that you should focus on for this. You may choose one or use several in tandem. This will depend on your specific tastes in what you are seeking and your budget. The top three hookup sites in Fresno are:

AdultFriendFinder (AFF)

Best Casual Encounters Site in Fresno California

AdultFriendFinder has a very special role when it comes to Fresno casual encounters. This site, also known as AFF, has been in existence for over two decades. It can genuinely be said that it is was one of the original trendsetters for the industry. AFF established the basic model that many other sites have followed. In Fresno, it has the unique distinction of being the first hookup site to have more than 10,000 users in the area.

For a while, AFF was the only reliable game in town. As of 2018, it has competition, but it is still the site with the largest local userbase when it comes to finding casual encounter partners.

This means that AFF makes for an ideal “catch-all” hookup platform. Some would say that if you only use one site, this would be the one to use. It covers all age groups, interests, and sexual desires.

The beauty about AdultFriendFinder is that it has a very thorough and robust platform. It is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive while also being very results-oriented.

The AFF platform has a look that is unobstructed and unhindered by needless pieces of design candy. Its overall design can be described as neutral. In other words, it does not look antiquated but it also does not look overly modernistic. Some people may simply describe the AdultFriendFinder look as, “just right.”


User metric studies — a fancy way of saying the analysis of how people use specific websites — indicate that in the Fresno area the majority of users favor two key elements offered by AdultFriendFinder. These are its robust search function and its user-created forums and chat rooms.

This should be no surprise, as these two features are among the most popular worldwide. The AFF search engine allows users to conduct searches for compatible partners for casual encounters with a tremendous degree of precision. Users can hone their search down to specific age ranges, neighborhoods, physical attributes, personality traits, sexual kinks, and a wide variety of other attributes that increase the chances for compatibility.

Once you have compiled your own list of potential partners who you have found on AFF, making contact with them through the platform is made easy. Users can use the email function or the online chat module to begin direct private communication with potential matches. This means that you can move from discovery to direct communication seamlessly.

Based on industry surveys, users of AdultFriendFinder in Fresno report finding a suitable match for a casual encounter within just a few days of being on the site. Also, users of AFF in Fresno indicate that finding multiple casual encounters on the platform is common. In other words, whether you want to hook up once a month or several times a week, AdultFriendFinder makes it possible.

The other popular feature — that consisting of user-created forums and chat rooms — is used by roughly one-quarter of Fresno’s AFF users. These features are especially useful if you prefer to take a more methodical, as opposed to technical, approach toward finding compatible partners. The user-created forums and chat rooms allow for people in Fresno to find each other on AFF using a mechanism that sidesteps the more popular search function.

These forums and chat rooms are created to revolve around a variety of particular topics, such as those who are new to AFF, those who are new to the casual encounter scene, those who are seeking to meet up in specific sections of Fresno, as well as to wilder topics — such as specific sexual kinks and so forth.

The size and reliability of AFF allow it to play a major role in the Fresno casual encounter scene just as it does worldwide. The popularity and effectiveness of its features have consistently proven to be reliable for more than two decades. Not only do the tens of thousands of users in Fresno give credence to the reliability of AFF in finding casual encounters, but so do the nearly 90 million satisfied users of AdultFriendFinder worldwide.




InstantHookups is a casual encounter platform that has created a strong and effective reputation for itself in the last couple of years. Its focus is entirely on the casual encounter scene.

The design of InstantHookups, from its overall look to its features, are all intended to be geared toward the younger and more energetic crowd. However, this does not mean that it is a 20-something platform only. In Fresno, you will find that over one-third of its local membership base is over the age of 35.

InstantHookups is very diverse in the type of casual encounters that it can help you find. It is used by singles, married couples, and people of all sexual orientations. It allows for people with diverse interests to come together on one platform. In Fresno, this makes it ideal when you want to accomplish one of two things. It’s great for meeting people for casual encounters with similar interests and backgrounds and it is also ideal for when you feel more adventurous and want to experiment in other areas of interest.

Nationwide, InstantHookups has roughly seven male members for every three females. If you are not too experienced with online hookup platforms that figure might not impress you. However, based on industry averages it is quite impressive. In the Fresno area, the gender ratio of InstantHookups is even better. It is estimated to be 60 percent male to 40 percent female.

When a hookup platform has such a healthy gender mix, it allows for faster vetting of potential partners as well as realizing more casual encounters in general. In Fresno, the users of InstantHookups rely on the platform as a sort of “digital singles bar.” It is the type of site where if you manage to make a strong impression through your profile you will be generating a lot of interest among other users. A such, those Fresno users who are able to polish their profile pictures and descriptions, will receive casual encounter opportunities and invitations even if they themselves are not overly active on the site.

This makes InstantHookups ideally balanced for those who are outgoing as well as those who are more reserved.

Additional Advantage

InstantHookups has an additional advantage for those who live in Fresno. Being popular throughout the state — as well as nationwide — when you travel outside of the Central Valley you can use InstantHookups to find casual encounters in the area that you are visiting. It is also an excellent way for those who are visiting Fresno and are seeking a casual encounter to find you. Since many residents of California’s largest cities are using the InstantHookups platform, when they visit Fresno they are very likely to use it to find potential partners for some adult fun while they are in town. If your profile indicates that you are receptive to meeting out-of-towners, this will greatly increase your number of casual encounter opportunities.

Whether you plan to use InstantHookups strictly as a Fresno casual encounter finder or if you plan to use it statewide or nationwide — it is hard to go wrong with InstantHookups.


Ashley Madison

Discreet-Casual-Sex-in-Fresno- California

Ashley Madison has strong brand recognition. The name is known even by those who are not seeking online dating or hookups. This is likely due to a regretful mishap that the company experienced in 2015. That’s when a group of still unidentified hackers penetrated the site and a massive media frenzy ensued.

You might think that using a platform that was compromised in the past may not be a good idea. While in a broader sense that logic has some footing, when it comes to Ashley Madison, it does not apply.

This is due to the fact that immediately following their mishap, the Ashley Madison team dedicated countless financial and technical resources to strengthen and solidify its level of security. They were so successful in doing so, that today, as of 2018, Ashley Madison is one of the safest and most secure online hookup platforms in existence.

Ashley Madison still functions as what some people might call a “cheating site” just as it did prior to 2015. However, today it has a strong following not only for being very effective in those seeking alternative encounters to their current relationships but also because people know that they can trust Ashley Madison to be a secure and discreet platform for finding such encounters.

AM in Fresno

In Fresno, the majority of Ashley Madison users join the service specifically for finding discreet encounters outside of their current relationships. approximately 70 percent of the Fresno userbase, both men and women, can be identified in this way.

The remaining 30 percent of Fresno users are single men and women seeking to have dalliances with those who are already involved with someone else.

What this means is that Ashley Madison creates the perfect digital environment for being open and honest about a topic that you would normally keep on the hush-hush. You know that in joining Ashley Madison you will only be dealing with other like-minded adults. You need not feel any negativity, push back, or criticism from other users because they are on the platform for the same thing that you are.

Obviously, on a platform dealing with such a discrete and confidential topic such as extra-relationship encounters, not many users of Ashley Madison volunteer comments or opinions about the service. The best way to gauge user satisfaction of Ashley Madison is through analysis of the site’s retention rate.

In that regard, Ashley Madison rates among the best in the online dating industry. Ashley Madison has retention rates of more than 60 percent nationwide — more than 75 percent in Fresno. In the online dating industry retention is defined as users who have stayed on a given platform for multiple billing cycles.

In the case of Ashley Madison, its high retention rate can be attributed to the effectiveness of helping you find the sort of partner who you want for a casual encounter in conjunction with its very accommodating subscription structure.

Pricing Model

Unlike other hookup platforms which offer inflexible monthly subscriptions to use their service, Ashley Madison functions differently. Men are given the opportunity to use the service on a “pay for what you use” model. This means that men only pay for the time in which they are actively using the Ashley Madison service.

This sort of pricing model is quite reasonable and makes the site even more effective. Thanks to this methodology, women on the site can rest assured that the male profiles that they have access to at any given time belong to men who are actively seeking a casual partner at that very moment. From the point of view of the man, this saves them money by only paying for the service when they are actually using it.

Women are allowed to make full use of the Ashley Madison platform for free. While this might sound like it would be ripe for abuse and that the site would be flooded with fake profiles and trolls, that is not the case. Even though free membership is offered to women, the site’s registration process is designed to ensure that each new registrant is a real person.

When you combine all of these features together, you can appreciate how Ashley Madison makes for a reliable and effective choice in finding casual encounters in Fresno.


— Where to Encounter Your Casual Encounter in Fresno —

When you are hooking up with a casual encounter, having solid options for where to meet and where to go are important. Incredibly, these details often go unattended during the planning stage and are left for the last minute. Doing so can sometimes ruin the outcome of your casual encounter.

The final determination of where to meet for the first time should revolve around what level of discretion you require and your budget — monetary as well as in time. The location should be easy to find by the both of you and not too far away. It should also be public. While the online platforms allow for great filtering capabilities to avoid the nutjobs, it is always wise to meet someone for the first time in a public space. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Good places to meet your casual encounter in Fresno include:

Woodward Regional Park

Where to Take Your Casual Encounter in Fresno 1

If you need a place that is public but that also allows you the discretion to get lost in an open space, Woodward Regional Park is the ideal spot. With many shady lawns and its traditionally designed Japanese garden, it is a great place to meet someone for the first time. It allows you the flexibility of sitting down and making sure that you both have chemistry before moving on to someplace more appropriate. It also allows you the opportunity to walk around and get a feel for each other.

Visit Woodward Reginal Park

Manhattan Restaurant

Where to Take Your Casual Encounter in Fresno 2

Located on Bullard Avenue, this establishment combines the excellent customer service and tasty cuisine that can only come from a family-owned restaurant. As an added bonus, it also has a trendy bar. This means that you can use the Manhattan Restaurant as a place to meet before going to your place or theirs or to actually sit down have a quick bite and then move along to more physically fulfilling endeavors.

Visit Manhattan Restaurant

Dog House Grill

Where to Take Your Casual Encounter in Fresno 3

Located on Shaw Avenue, it is easy to access and locate by anybody who lives in Fresno. It also has the benefit of being very reasonably priced and serves one hell of a delicious barbecue sandwich. Great food, very affordable prices, and a lively atmosphere make it an excellent selection to meet your potential casual encounter.

Visit Dog House Grill in Fresno

Golden Dynasty

Where to Take Your Casual Encounter in Fresno 4

Whether you are a newbie to Fresno or a lifelong resident, chances are that you have enjoyed the tasty goodness of authentic Chinese cuisine offered at the Golden Dynasty. Being convenient and easy to locate it makes for an excellent choice for two people to meet before marching off on a casual encounter. Also, since the Golden Dynasty is known for serving generous sized portions of their dishes, it also allows you to carry some take out with you so you can have something to munch on after you have “burned off” the calories of your previous meal during your casual encounter “activities.”

Visit Golden Dynasty

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Where to Take Your Casual Encounter in Fresno 5

Located on Blackstone Avenue, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse combines mouth-watering steaks with a traditional bar that happens to have a very popular happy hour. This means that you can use Ruth’s as an affordable place to meet your casual encounter at the bar or if you want to wow them further, enjoy a juicy steak before you yourselves get into something juicier.

Visit Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

The Cheesecake Factory

Where to Take Your Casual Encounter in Fresno 6

The Cheesecake Factory located on Shaw Avenue may seem like a tame and cliched place to meet a casual encounter. However, if the person who you are meeting is not into hanging out in trendy or overly crowded locations, The Cheesecake Factory is a perfect place when a neutral backdrop is desired.

Visit The Cheesecake Factory in Fresno

Starving Artists Bistro

Where to Take Your Casual Encounter in Fresno 7

Okay, if you live in Fresno the first words that will come to your mind when the Starving Artists Bistro is mentioned will probably be short rib tacos. However, this place is also ideally suited for meeting someone who you met online for a casual encounter.

It is perfect for meeting for a drink, having a quick and delicious bite, or catching the entertainment from countless performers who take advantage of the establishment’s open stage and equipment.

There is nothing better than great food and drink plus entertainment before experiencing a casual encounter that is sure to knock your socks off.

More on Starving Artists Bistro

Old Fresno Water Tower

Where to Take Your Casual Encounter in Fresno 8

When it comes to casual encounters sometimes you will want to meet up at a specific location but not linger. For that purpose, the Old Fresno Water Tower is an ideal spot. It is known by everyone who lives in the city. Even if they are new, this landmark can be spotted from miles away. When you meet someone online and are ready to move on to a face-to-face meet up, nothing is easier than saying, “I will meet you by the Old Fresno Water Tower.”

Visit the Old Fresno Water Tower

Fresno Art Museum

Where to Take Your Casual Encounter in Fresno 9

Similar to the Old Fresno Water Tower, the Fresno Art Museum can serve as a location to meet someone at the entrance and then move on to your final destination. It can also serve as a place where you can spend some quality time with your partner by enjoying some of the exhibits in the Museum. After all, just because it’s a casual encounter does not mean that you cannot spend some culturally enriching time as well.

Visit the Fresno Art Museum

— Places to EnjoyYour Casual Encounter in Fresno —

After meeting someone online and agreeing to meet in person, the next thing that you must prepare for in a casual encounter is where the actual encounter is going to take place. We are not talking about where you are going to meet, we already discussed that above. We are referring to where the real action will take place.

Depending on the individual circumstances of the two people involved, this can be as simple as either your place or theirs. However, sometimes that will not be practical. Also, if all that you are planning to have is a no-strings-attached casual encounter and you are never intending on seeing that person again, taking them to your place may not be a wise idea.

Therefore, making use of one of the many hotels and motels in Fresno may be a wiser choice. If you already have a hotel that you are familiar and comfortable with, then you are all set. If not, here are some suggestions.

Higher-End Options

If you want a higher-end setting for your casual encounter Fresno offers a fair list of options.


High End Hotel For Casual Encounter 1

The Radisson Hotel located by the conference center is an excellent choice if you want large comfortable rooms and amenities such as a large heated pool and free Wi-Fi.

Visit the Radisson Hotel in Fresno


High End Hotel For Casual Encounter 2

The Doubletree Hotel on Ventura Street also offers a refined feel with luxury amenities and a floor layout that lends itself well when discretion is required. It is easy to access the rooms from the lobby and the elevators without attracting suspicion. This is perfect, especially when an “Ashley Madison” style encounter is involved.

Visit the Doubletree Hotel

Holiday Inn

High End Hotel For Casual Encounter 3

The Holiday Inn Express located on 2nd Street is comparable to the DoubleTree Hotel in terms of its layout being suited for discreet casual encounters. In terms of decor and amenities, it offers one of your best options in Fresno.

Visit the Holiday Inn in Fresno

A casual encounter does not mean that you must bust open your piggy bank. Fresno has many affordable lodging facilities.

Rodeway Inn

Budget-Minded Hotel Options for Casual Encounters in Fresno 1

These include the Rodeway Inn located by the Fresno Zoo. A two-story structure that utilizes a traditional motel-style layout, the Rodeway Inn makes a great place to meet up where the both of you can discreetly drive in, park, and not be seen by people from the outside. Affordably priced and hidden from prying eyes, it is perhaps the best motel-style location for a casual encounter in Fresno.

Book a Room at the Rodeway Inn

Motel 6

Budget-Minded Hotel Options for Casual Encounters in Fresno 2

The Motel 6 locations on Barcus Avenue and Blackstone Avenue offer affordable locations with relatively modern amenities that are more than suitable for a casual encounter. With prices as low as $35 a night and rarely topping the $60 mark, both of these Motel 6 locations are a great budget-minded choice.

Stay at Motel 6

— Put Your Fresno Casual Encounter Plan in Motion —

Okay, now you know what hookup sites are best to use in Fresno. You also have a list of places to meet your casual encounter in person. Hell, we even provided you with a list of places to have your casual encounter if your place is not practical. This means that it is now all up to you.

Take what you have learned from this article and put it in motion. Join one or two or all of the sites suggested here and start engaging the community on those platforms. You’ll be surprised how by simply taking the first step you will soon be enjoying casual encounters at a frequency that will make you very happy.